Writing (for CODE Magazine and others)

Have you written for CODE Magazine yet? Perhaps you are receiving this book because you are an author. Please consider writing for CODE Magazine! If you can’t think of something to write about, let’s talk! If you have never written an article and are nervous about it, don’t be! We have great guides for writing articles, and we have great editors (Rod and Melanie) who will make sure that your article makes sense and reads well.

For more information about writing for CODE Magazine, see our writer’s guide at www.codemag.com/write.

Also, if you are part of the CODE ohana, that doesn’t mean you can only write for CODE. We would be thrilled to have you write for any of our competitors. In fact, if you write an article and you represent yourself as a CODE/EPS person, we will even award you a $100 Amazon gift certificate (and of course, you get to keep whatever honorarium you receive for writing the article). However, it has to be a “real” magazine (no, your own blog doesn’t count for this 😉) and it has to be a “real” article, rather than just a small blurb, or something of that nature. Oh, and talking about blogging: If you have a blog of any significance, and you indicate your blog’s affiliation with EPS/CODE, let’s chat about this too! Perhaps there are ways we can leverage that and at the same time give you more exposure. Besides, there might be certain additional benefits with this as well.