2-8 Performance Review

Our team is an amazing group of people who are smart and get things done every day. We want to offer them compensation that is fair, easily understood, transparent, and competitive.

Fair means no games. Our compensation is not based on how well you negotiate or how often you ask for raises–it's based on a repeatable, predictable system. There's no forced ranking, so other people don't have to do badly for you to do well.

Easily understood means that everyone understands what variables are used to determine how salaries are determined. They understand what they need to do to move up in their career. And different managers can figure out how to pay their team members and get consistent and fair results.

Transparent reflects our belief in running our business without secrets and sharing in the rewards of that business.

Despite our belief in transparency, we also believe in our team members' right to privacy. We won't reveal what a given individual earns to anyone but them, their manager, our executives, and our clients.

Competitive means that you're earning at least as much here as you would earn in a similar role elsewhere, even without our incredible benefits.

Depending on the team member's position and classification, CODE Staffing endeavors to review performance annually. However, a positive performance evaluation does not guarantee an increase in salary, a promotion or continued employment. Compensation increases and the terms and conditions of employment, including job assignments, transfers, promotions, and demotions, are determined by and at the discretion of management.

The Company encourages team members and managers to discuss job performance on a frequent and ongoing basis