We primarily use tools such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Slack, and email to keep in touch with each other remotely. This works pretty well day-to-day, but we feel it is extremely important to periodically bring the whole team together face to face. Our goal for this is twice a year.

We invest a lot of money into our team-building events. After all, a group of remote people working together do not just accidentally end up being a strong team. It takes active effort, which is why we find these events to be important and worth spending time and money on. For our employees, we strongly recommend that you participate. For contractors, it is of course up to you, since you are an independent vendor. However, you are invited, and it certainly helps to be as connected to the team as possible when it comes to picking up more business from us.

Our team-building events

The Company Cruise – We take the “Party Bus” from our Houston office to Galveston where we go on a 4- or 5-day, CODE paid company cruise. Hilarity ensues. 😂

Dev Summit and Christmas Party – Two days of both technology and company meetings that are both fun and informative. This event wraps up with our company Christmas Party – often at a Brazilian steak house! (Don’t even bother trying to compete with Otto!)