1-7 Open Door Policy

The Company subscribes to an open-door policy. Team members are encouraged to share their concerns, seek information, provide input, and resolve problems/issues through their immediate manager, and as appropriate, consult with any member of management toward those ends. Team members may bring a particular issue or complaint to their supervisor or manager for resolution. If the complaint is related to their supervisor or manager or if they felt they would not provide an impartial resolution to the problem, a team member may contact Human Resources directly.

Throughout this process, the team members are encouraged to suggest proactive solutions to resolve the issue, with the goal of arriving at a mutually agreeable resolution. When matters cannot be handled on an informal basis, the Company has established a formal procedure for a fair review of any work-related controversy, dispute, or misunderstanding. A formal complaint may be brought in writing to a supervisor or manager by one or more team members concerning any work-related problem where the complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved in an informal manner.