1-10 Workplace Violence

CODE Staffing is strongly committed to providing a safe workplace. The purpose of this policy is to minimize the risk of personal injury to team members and damage to Company and personal property.

CODE Staffing does not expect team members to become experts in psychology or to physically subdue a threatening or violent individual. CODE Staffing specifically discourages team members from engaging in any physical confrontation with a violent or potentially violent individual. However, CODE Staffing does expect and encourage team members to exercise reasonable judgment in identifying potentially dangerous situations.

Threats, threatening language or any other acts of aggression or violence made toward or by any Company team member WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. For purposes of this policy, a threat includes any verbal or physical harassment or abuse, any attempt at intimidating or instilling fear in others, menacing gestures, flashing of weapons, stalking or any other hostile, aggressive, injurious, or destructive action undertaken for the purpose of domination or intimidation. We expect our employees to follow local municipal and state laws related to weapons in the workplace.

All potentially dangerous situations, including threats by co-workers, should be reported immediately to any member of management with whom the team member feels comfortable. Reports of threats may be maintained confidential to the extent maintaining confidentiality does not impede CODE Staffing's ability to investigate and respond to the complaints. All threats will be promptly investigated. All team members must cooperate with all investigations. No team member will be subjected to retaliation, intimidation, or disciplinary action because of reporting a threat in good faith under this policy.

If the Company determines, after an appropriate good faith investigation, that someone has violated this policy, the Company will take swift and appropriate corrective action.

If the team member is the recipient of a threat made by an outside party, that team member should follow the steps detailed in this section. It is important for the Company to be aware of any potential danger in its clients’ offices.