Talk to the Big Kahuna

Getting used to a new environment is never easy, and it is even harder when the company setup is a virtual and distributed one like ours. There are all the little things that one simply absorbs over time but that are foreign when new. Don’t be shy to ask questions! We are specifically encouraging everyone to actively ask questions, whether it is in person, in online meetings/calls, or on Slack. We want everyone at CODE to have a person that is their primary go-to point when it comes to questions, no matter whether they are technical or otherwise. Think of this person as a mentor. If you do not know who your mentor is, simply ask Mike, Ellen, Otto or Markus.

There are always questions that can’t be answered that easily. Sometimes the Menehune are in the detail, as we say in Hawaii. (Menehune are like Hawaiian Gremlins.) If you can’t get your questions answered, make sure you talk to Markus, Mike, Otto or Ellen. While all four tend to be perpetually busy, which is why it is easier to talk to your mentor first, they are ultimately there to make sure you can work productively and do not encounter roadblocks. Send an email to them whenever you feel you encounter a roadblock, or when you feel you would like to give feedback of some sort. They will always have an open ear.