Developer Education Program (DEP)

Being a software developer means that you are stuck in a continuous learning cycle. We want to support all our developers in this process, and we do so through our DEP program. Let us be clear on what this means — we are not a school. You will not get all our training needs satisfied by attending DEPs, and you are responsible for keeping up with the latest technologies. But DEPs are interesting training events that can be attended online and they are recorded to view later. They usually take an hour and a half (or so), and discuss a certain topic the presenter volunteered to present on. Sometimes DEPs are a conference session we are practicing to present to a wider audience. Sometimes they may be very informal where someone shows off something new and cool they have been experimenting with.

In addition to attending DEPs, we also encourage you to present them. If you have never presented, don’t worry, we can help you with that! Besides, it is much easier to present to our ohana than to do it to a group of strangers. You can even team up with someone else to do a DEP together, which is a great way to get started.