Subscription Fulfillment Overview

Subscriptions are generally fulfilled through the Olympus application, which has the ability to trigger the creation of a fulfillment batch on the server. This is a somewhat lengthy process. Therefore, the creation of a batch is triggered, which the runs in the background. The status of the batch-creation can be seen (it is noted in the Mailings table). Once the mailing/fulfillment batch is completely created, it can be accessed in various ways (and the system sends an email with the appropriate files attached to the recipients interested in fulfillment batches).

There are two different kinds of fulfillments: Paper fulfillments (those that require physical magazines or welcome packages being sent to the reader) and notifications of new digital issues being read.

Paper Fulfillment Process

Olympus UI for Fulfillment Processing

In Olympus, the creation of fulfillment batches can be triggered through the following UI:

The Back-End Process to Create Welcome packages

Welcome Packages are a special type of subscription fulfillment. When a subscriber creates a new subscription, the goal is to send them a welcome package as soon as possible, in order to both get a magazine in their hands ASAP, and also to send them additional information about CODE. We currently do this for the US only, although this may change in the future. Also note that sometimes it can be logistically difficult to do this in a timely fashion. In that case, we fail to deliver the first issue of the subscription quickly, but we still want to send other CODE information when we can. Therefore, this process may also sometimes run at a much later point in time.


The Back-End Process to Create Regular Fulfillments

Once the creation of a batch is triggered on the UI, the process will continue to its conclusion, even if the UI is shut down. Theoretically, multiple batches can be created at the same time. However, that is only recommended for different distribution regions.

At this point, the background process starts the heavy lifting and digs through the subscriber records in order to create an appropriate fulfullment batch including the individual subscribers. For that, the following steps are taken: