Coupons are a “giveaway” we can set up that allows people to buy at a discount (typically magazine subscriptions, but it could be other things too in the future). For instance, we can set up coupons that customers can put into the subscription system to cover all, or part, of the subscription price. (See also: Subscriptions Overview).

Coupons Pane

The Coupons Pane shows a list of all coupon batches that have been generated. (Coupons are grouped into batches):

The following columsn are being displayed:

Export to CSV

Once a batch has been completely generated, it can be exported to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. To do so, click the Export CSV button and specify the desired file name. The system then retrieves all the coupon codes and exports the unused ones into a CSV file. This file can then be passed on to partners or customers.

Note: The generated CSV file is so simple, it is essentially a plain text file with one coupon code per line. This file can also be used as a text file. This is useful to paste codes into an email (among other scenarios).

Note: When exporting large batches, the UI can appear to be momentarily frozen while data is being retrieved (depending on the connection speed). This is by design. Please be patient.

Generating Coupon Batches

To add new coupons to a the system, one generates a new coupon batch (a batch has to have at least 1 coupon, but typically has a lot more):

Note: Coupon batches can be created either as “new” batches, with all the fields set to a default, or, a new batch can be generated based on an existing batch, in which case all the fields are defaulted to the same settings as the batch the new batch is based on. (This is very useful in scenarios where “more” coupons are needed for essentially the same initiative).

The following fields can/should be specified:

Hit Generate to start the generation of the batch. Depending on the batch size, this may take a while. (Note: It is OK to close Olympus while batch generation is in progress). The form will show a success message and close. The coupons pane will update to show the new batch that is being generated. (Hint: Hit Refresh to see how the batch progresses). Once the batch generation is complete, the generated codes can be exported (see above) so they can be sent to customers or partner organizations.