Maybe you are simply getting this book because you just joined DevNet. If so, not everything in this book applies to you, since you may not be doing any contracting or employee work for us. Still, welcome to the CODE ohana!

The goal of DevNet is to create a community of professional developers who want to be part of the CODE ohana, and both contribute and benefit. You will have access to our DevNet email alias (, which allows you to fire questions to our group, so you always have the whole CODE ohana behind you, as a kind of safety net. We may not be able to answer every single question, but often someone in our group can, and when the group cannot, sometimes we elevate it to somewhere like a Microsoft product group. And of course, we encourage you to actively participate and answer questions when they arise.

In addition to our email alias, we also have semi-regular internal training sessions called “DEPs” (see section below). Everyone on the DevNet alias is welcome to attend those. This also goes for most of our customer-facing training events. As long as we have room and there is no hard expense associated with it for us, you are welcome to attend all of those free.