1-12 Complaint Procedure

CODE Staffing has established the following procedure for lodging a complaint of harassment, bullying, violence, discrimination, or retaliation. The Company will treat all complaints, investigations, and aspects of the procedure confidentially to the extent reasonably possible and information will be disclosed strictly on a need-to-know basis.

CODE Staffing will take adequate steps to ensure that a team member is protected from retaliation during and after the investigation. Any person who is found to have violated this aspect of the policy will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment.

Complaints should be submitted in writing to Yag as soon as possible after an event has occurred to provide a record of the date, time, and nature of the incident(s) and the names of any witnesses. Yag may assist in completing a written statement or, in the event a team member refuses to provide information in writing, Yag will dictate the verbal complaint.

If a team member is unable for any reason to contact Yag, or if the team member has not received an initial response within five (5) business days after reporting any incident, the team member should contact any member of management.

Yag will initiate an investigation to determine whether there is a reasonable basis for believing that the alleged violation of company policy occurred.

During the investigation, Yag, together with legal counsel or other management team members, will interview the complainant, the respondent, and any witnesses to determine whether the alleged conduct occurred.

Upon conclusion of an investigation, Yag or another designated person conducting the investigation will submit a written report of their findings to the Company. If it is determined that a violation of a company policy has occurred, Yag will recommend appropriate corrective action.

If the investigation is inconclusive or if it is determined that there has been no violation of company policy, but potentially problematic conduct may have occurred, Yag may recommend appropriate preventive action.

Once a final decision is made by senior management, Yag will meet with the complainant and the respondent separately and notify them of the findings of the investigation. If corrective action is to be taken, the respondent will be informed of the nature of the discipline and how it will be executed.

Nothing in this policy may prevent the complainant or the respondent from pursuing formal legal remedies or resolution through local, state, or federal agencies or the courts.