Company Overview

Markus Egger founded EPS Software in 1993. Although only 19 years old at the time, Markus was already well known in the developer community. In addition to doing development work, Markus is an international author and speaker. Markus has also been a contractor at Microsoft in Redmond “back in the day when working at Microsoft was like Disneyland for adults,” as he likes to say. He worked as a contractor to the Visual Studio team, with his own window office just around the corner from Bill Gates’ office. Some of the remnants of some of Markus’ early code can still be found in Visual Studio today.

Markus also has been a Microsoft MVP since 1995, which makes him one of the two longest running MVPs, and currently the Microsoft Regional Director (“RD”) for the Central USA Region. Markus is also part of various insider networks, such as the “ASP.NET Insiders”, and various SDR (“Strategic Design Review”) Teams such as C#, UI tech, and others.

EPS started with the same core business idea as is still at the core today: Consulting and Custom Software. In addition, other aspects of the “Helping Companies Build Better Software” mantra have led to different services and offerings. Training has been a long-term offering, as has community involvement, and event presentations. Products have played an important role throughout EPS’ existence, although not for the product’s sake but as tools to build credibility and trust with our clients. Then there is CODE Magazine, that has now been around for quite some time, much longer than just about any other independent software magazine.

By now, you may be wondering why there is a certain Hawaiian theme to this introduction. This is because both Markus and Rick (the co-founder of CODE Magazine) live in Hawaii.