Article XML Format

We use our own proprietary XML format to store article information. This allows us to attach additional information that only our system can handle.

Overall Structure

Articles have a root document element, which contains a header element as well as a body element.

The header contains meta information about the article.

Header information is not used for much these days. Most meta information is stored in the actual article record in our SQL Server database.

Example header:

  <issuecode />
  <articlecode />
  <zone />
  <title>The article title</title>
  <authors />
  <copyright>CODE Magazine</copyright>
  <owner>CODE Magazine</owner>


The body contains the majority of the article, such as paragraphs, code snippets, and more.


Paragraphs contain the actual text paragraphs. They are similar in structure to paragraphs in HTML. They use the <p> tag and can contain other tags, such as <b> for bold, and <i> for italic.

Here is an example paragraph:

<p id="0">The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.</p>

Note that paragraphs have an id attribute, which allows us to uniquely identify each paragraph within the document.

Bold and italic formatting can be embedded like this:

<p id="0">The quick <i>brown</i> fox jumps over the <b>lazy</b> dog.</p>