Project Skeleton

*(s) skippable

Purpose: Provides steps for setting up an EPS project, utilizing CODE Framework project.

To set up a CODE Framework Service, utilizing a (micro/) service-orientated architecture (SOA), follow the below steps:

  1. Install CODE Framework Tools, for Visual Studio
  2. Create .NET Core compliant Project (s)
  3. Create a Contract project
  4. Create an Implementation project
  5. Create a Business Objects project (s)
  6. Create a Development Service Host project
  7. Create a Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Project
  8. Set up a front-end framework

.NET Core

If you have gone the route of .NET Core, ensure that you have the correct SDK. As at August 2019, .NET Core v2.2 (download) is the most appropriate.

Business Objects

Whilst not always necessary, a Business Objects project can be help as a middle layer, which handles additional processing that your Web Server/ API needs to do.

In this way, your Implementation can simply wrap a using instance of a Business Entity, and make use of the business objects, and methods, and then discard them after they've run.