Working Remotely

In the past few years, we have transitioned to being mostly a virtual company. Yes, we still have a brick and mortar office in Houston, and we will continue to do so.

However, for many team members, telecommuting is their standard. We support this and will work together with you to establish a setup that works well for all of us. However, there are certain expectations we have from you. We need you to have a real place to work where you can attend meetings, record videos, do phone calls with clients, etc., and it is up to you to set this up. We also need you to have good internet connectivity.

Beyond that, things are relatively straightforward. We expect you to be online during working hours and use our standard communication tools (such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Slack, and email).

For our employees we offer great flexibility with our working hours; however, note that flexibility does not mean part-time! We expect you to put in a regular workweek. We also expect you to adjust your working hours so you can be present for meetings. Be sure your manager knows what you would like your standard working hours to be. Setting such expectations avoids a lot of misunderstandings and hardship.

If you are a contractor, this section doesn’t apply to you. You are an independent vendor and you are expected to set your own hours and have your own location of business. Of course, as you work with us on projects, it is simply good business sense to be available using the standard communication channels the rest of us use, and we most certainly expect you to show up for scheduled meetings. Having a good working relationship will make projects more fun and productive and will also cause more business to flow your way.