Olympus - 1/10/2024

The meeting primarily revolved around discussing various aspects of the Olympus wishlist, website issues, and improvements for the platform. The team discussed the need to review and potentially trim down the wishlist, dealing with ongoing website issues that Jeff was addressing, considering infrastructure updates, verifying unresolved issues, and contemplating improvements for 2024.

Key themes for 2024 included migrating to .NET 8, enhancing task management associated with issues and mailings, and improving Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The team also talked about the desire for better event handling, coupon/discount functionalities, and potential re-bundling of content.

A significant focus was on subscription management, specifically the need for better history tracking of subscription changes and renewals. The discussion highlighted a mix of current practices that aren’t well-defined and the need for a strategy on how subscriptions should work going forward.

The meeting also touched on the importance of proper artwork and design for the website, ensuring that content is appropriately presented and shared across platforms like Facebook, and addressed technical website performance concerns.


Initiatives Mentioned

  1. Review and possibly reduce the Olympus wishlist.
  2. Address website issues, with Jeff working on an upcoming version.
  3. Migrate to .NET 8 and finalize the .NET 4.8 version.
  4. Enhance task management within the system.
  5. Improve attachment system for better file management.
  6. Implement a more efficient CRM.
  7. Address event management improvements.
  8. Improve coupon/discount functionalities for events.
  9. Improve subscription management and history tracking.
  10. Finalize and improve artwork and design for online content.
  11. Address technical issues causing slow website loading times.

Actionable Items

  1. Share the screen to review the wishlist during the meeting.
  2. Reconnect with Jeff to get an update on the website issue he is working on.
  3. Verify issues on the wishlist to see if they are still relevant.
  4. Discuss and decide on subscription management strategies and changes.
  5. Plan a separate meeting to address the “print duplicates” query.
  6. Explore better CRM options.
  7. Discuss the possibility of enhancing the EPUB support.
  8. Review analytics to prioritize articles for back art.
  9. Solve technical issues with website performance, specifically for Ellen.
  10. Address the image generation for event promotion and article headers.
  11. Consider the involvement of Philip and Ian to improve AI-generated prompts and images.