EPS SOA Services

EPS currently operates the following services hosted as WCF Services in the data center in Houston:

Service Uri Basic HTTP Net.TCP Net.TCP Port Range Server Description VS Solution
Xiine 5100-5103 SVC1 Xiine Windows Service Host
Credit Card www.epsservices.net/creditcards N Y 45000-45009 SVC1 Credit card charging service EPSCreditCardServices in EPS Internal App
Event www.epsservices.net/events Y Y 45020-45029 SVC1 Events, training, user group meetings, signup,… Events.sln in Thessaly Services
Consulting www.epsservices.net/consulting Y Y 45030-45049 SVC1 Displays all the services provided by EPS Software Corp and the different CODE brands ConsultingServices under Thessaly Services
Subscription www.epsservices.net/subscription 45060-45069 SVC1 Magazine subscriptions, fulfillment,… Subscription solution under Thessaly Services
Ad Service www.epsservices.net/ad 45070-45079 Ads, banners,…
Communication www.epsservices.net/communication N Y 45080-45089 SVC1 Communications (such as email) Communications solution under Thessaly Services
Magazine www.epsservices.net/magazine Y Y 45100-45109 SVC1 Other magazine and article related needs Magazine solution under Thessaly Services
File Service www.epsservices.net/file Y Y 45110-45119 SVC1 File upload and download service FileService solution under Thessaly Services
Distributed Data Service www.epsservices.net/distributeddataservice Y Y 45120-45124 SVC1 Handles distributed database calls - Do not revert to VS2010 EPSDistributedDataService under internal apps
Clock Work www.epsservices.net/clockwork N Y 45125-45129 SVC1 Handles all ClockWork related calls EPS Internal Timeclock Application
Xamalot www.epsservices.net/xamalot Y Y 45130-45139 SVC1 Xaml, SVG, PNG, Importing images, authors, images,… Xamalot solution under EPS Internal Applications
Podcast www.epsservices.net/podcast Y Y 45140-45149 SVC1 Podcast audio - Codecast Podcast solution under Thessaly Services
Person www.epsservices.net/person Y Y 45150-45159 SVC1 Services for people, inquiries, employees, jobs,… Person solution under Thessaly Services Project
Financial www.epsservices.net/finance Y Y 45160-45169 SVC1 Handles invoices and payments FinancialService solution under Thessaly Services
Press Release www.epsservices.net/pressrelease Y Y 45170-45179 SVC1 Handles EPS/CODE Press Releases PressRelease solution under Thessaly Services
Installer www.epsservices.net/serviceinstaller Y Y 45180 SVC1 This service is used to install other services ServiceInstaller solution
Tower48 www.tower48services.com/tower48 45500-45509 SVC1 Handles all Tower48 service needs Tower48 solution in Tower48 project
Luxus www.epsservices.net/luxus Y Y 45510-45519 SVC1 Services for rental property application (“Luxus Rentals”) MarkusEggerRentals solution