Hiding Projects You Aren't Working On

By default, Clockwork defaults to showing all of the active projects. It is up to you to “hide / opt out” of seeing a long list of projects that you have to scroll through when you are entering tickets. Luckily, the steps to hide projects you are not assigned to are easy.

  1. Log into Clockwork from the URL http://clockwork.eps-office.com
  2. From the “hamburger menu” at the top left, pick Projects.


  1. You'll see a section named Projects, and below that a section named My Projects. This is the one we want.
  2. Using the vertical scroll bar, scroll through the list of projects. To hide a project from the list, click the trashcan icon. It's that easy. It is hidden from your list.


To add a project to a list that you have hidden, on this same page, scroll through the list of all projects at the top until you find the one you are looking for. With that project highlighted, click the Add to My Projects button.